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"PJ Cares was created out of a life long dream to be a help and mentor to all those that God brings into service for me. 

Now I have the best qualified and professional team in the world all partnering with me to offer certified life and leadership coaching service to help you!

We can't wait to meet you...contact us today!" .

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

Our urgent priorities are helping our most treasured clergy and our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We ask for your continued prayer for this ministry and all of those who have been called to serve within the global Body of Christ. Amen

To reconnect the Body of Christ, one person at a time. To strengthen and encourage, motivate and train and to provide an opportunity to serve.

If you have a passion to work with people who are seeking answers and you can see the potential in others when they may not see it themselves then we are looking for you! Find out how you can join our team by clicking the link below. 

WE Find our inner power by helping others

 Services we offer:

  • Academic Advising
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Christian Living
  • Christian Families
  • Financial Matters
  • Health & Wellness

is faith in Action

  • Pastoral Care
  • Pre-Martial Education
  • Professional Development
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Transitional Leadership
  • Youth Leadership

Specialty Coaching Programs

  • New Ministry Development
  • Nonprofit Compliance Reviews
  • ​Pastoral Leadership Group
  • Small Business Development
  • Small Group Ministry Teams

Ministry Partners